Star Manufacturing began as the idea that a company could be a one-stop shop to fulfill every customers' manufacturing needs.  Mario Listo was working for a twenty million dollar company that was bought out.  During this time of transition, Mario decided he wanted to take this time to start his own business.  So, in February 2009, Star Manufacturing was officially born.  What is amazing about our company, is that it was formed during the worst economic time in over fifty years, during a period of great recession.

It all started with Mario and an engineer working out of Mario’s house day and night for over three months.  When they secured enough business, they moved into an office/warehouse that was approximately 7,600 sq. ft.  Seven years later, Star has over 30,000 Sq. Feet of manufacturing space.  Star has over tripled in size, and is now looking to grow into a 60,000 Sq. Foot facility in 2017. Star currently operates out of two buildings and will Design and Build or Build-To-Print electrical control panels, provide In-House engineering services or Off-Site Services. Star has expanded to offer Machine Installation, start up, field service support, and programming services. Star prides itself on complete customer satisfaction by all customers.

The goal for Star Manufacturing moving forward is to grow both nationally and internationally and expand into new markets.


Mario 2016

Mario 2016